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Amazing – 9 times over!

A volunteer review by Julie Ryan from Canada submitted 09 of January 2019

We asked our volunteers for their volunteer review . Here are some of there answers. Some are so inspiring we decided to share.

“I just returned from my 9th visit to Naankuse and once again had the most amazing experience. From my favourite which are the baboon walks to witnessing rhino re-locations for the first time, every day was an adventure. It is such a good feeling volunteering for an organization that truly cares about the animals and environment and who are doing so much to make a difference for not only the wildlife but the local people. The staff go out of their way to make sure we all have a good experience no matter what the daily activity is.; from feeding everything from meerkats to cheetahs to game counts or walking the cheeky baboons. There is a lot of hard work too as enclosures always need cleaning or fences mending but it’s all part of the experience. With so many return volunteers, there were always friends from previous visits to reconnect with and share old stories and new experiences. Can’t wait till next year to do it all again.”

Don’t leave without seeing Neuras

A Volunteer review by Kathy Burke from the United Kingdom submitted 12 December 2018

“True conservation work happens here at Naankuse. This is my third time at the project and no matter how many times I come back there is always something new to explore and help with. It is a privilege to be a part of Naankuse’s work even on a small scale, and I would thoroughly recommend the experience to everyone. Make the most of the research sites- don’t leave Namibia without seeing Neuras!”

Mangetti Project makes a real impact

A Volunteer review by Devon Freas, United States submitted on 20 February 2019

“The Mangetti Project is so unique that i had to give a volunteer review. I think this is one of the few sites where you really see in real-time that the work you’re doing has a direct impact on people’s lives. I think this project truly embodies what conservation is about, people. Yes, the focus of the work is geared towards wildlife, but at the end of the day, conservation is about the communities impacted by wildlife, and out of all the projects, this is the one where you see human-wildlife conflict firsthand. It’s the one project where you feel like you’re actually doing real work to mitigate that conflict and can actually see the results of your work. Sitting in farmer’s homes and working with them one on one to find solutions to their problems really puts the work that you’re doing into perspective and makes it even more meaningful. I loved the work we did up there, and even more so the people that I got to work with.”

I left as a new person

A Volunteer review by Otto Fjelkner, Sweden submitted 03 March 2019

This stay has been amazing in every sense of the word! I came here with shaky legs and nervous looks, and left two months later as a new person, revitalized by the amazing scenery, the very giving knowledge and of course, with friends for life! The program combines the essence of being a volunteer in an amazing way, with the manual labour of building camps, the experience of seeing and interacting with all the amazing animals, and the friendly family environment between volunteers and coordinators. The way that you are able to learn about conservation as well as the animals, both species and individuals, has been very giving and I leave as a changed man. I will definitely come back but until then, I will make sure that I give a volunteer review.