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Kanaan Desert Retreat

This 33,000 hectare beautifully preserved habitat in the Namib desert is a photographers’ paradise. With endless red dunes and crystal clear night skies, Kanaan is a true desert gemstone.

Approximately two hours south of Neuras and bordering the Namib Naukluft Park, Kanaan’s contrasting landscapes are never-ending. It is a location where nature, luxury and conservation come together. Since acquiring the land in 2014, we have transformed the area into an un-fenced wildlife reserve to provide a refuge for a number of species such as cheetah and hyena.

We offer guests a variety of activities including: cheetah feeding tours, horse riding, photographic safari & professional photographic tours, sunset and sunrise drives as well as hikes and walks in the Tiras mountains and dunes.

Kanaan is a spectacular destination for desert solitude; offering guests night skies declared as an official global “dark sky space”, excellent cuisine and landscapes that are truly out-of-this-world.


We offer eight breath-taking, fully-equipped, en-suite luxury canvas tents overlooking the magnificent Kanaan landscape.

We also offer 6 self-catering campsites, each with it’s own two-man tent, shade, ablution facilities and braai (barbecue) area.

Furthermore, guests can enjoy gourmet meals and refreshing drinks in the main dining area and day-dream in the shade on the veranda overlooking the picturesque valley below. This is the ideal location for those looking to escape the everyday bustle and relax among nature in style.

Nestled in the pristine landscapes of Kanaan Desert Retreat is a campsite ready for intrepid travelers to gain a true desert experience. Our convenient facilities include shower & toilet at each campsite.

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To make a booking or for further information please contact us on: +264 (063) 683 119 or email: kanaan@naankuse.com
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Ideal for wildlife enthusiasts, photographers, geologists, hikers, or for those looking to get away from it all and absorb the tranquil seclusion and peacefulness of nature, Kanaan Desert Retreat offers guests the opportunity to experience the following:

Cheetah Feeding

Through taking part in this activity, not only will you get to experience a once in a lifetime opportunity to photograph these majestic animals in the unique Namib Desert, but you will also be supporting our large carnivore conservation work. The cheetahs that call Kanaan home are all victims of human-wildlife conflict, and can therefore unfortunately never be released. Ultimately, these big cats are ambassadors for our work in keeping the large carnivore exactly where they belong, in the wild. The price is N$510 per person, adult only.

Horse Riding

There is no better way to experience the majestic landscapes of Kanaan than on horseback. This activity costs N$725 per person.

Sunset, Scenic and Sunrise Drives

The starting time of the sunrise drives does depend on the season, but departure will take place at the crack of dawn – ensuring that you are able to experience the best of the magical morning hours. Enjoy coffee and rusks while soaking in the splendour of the Kanaan Reserve – bathed in early morning light. Various encounters with free-roaming wildlife may take place and this could include oryx, springbok, black-backed jackals and those species who have made this pristine desert reserve their home. Please bear in mind that sightings are not guaranteed.

The start of the sunset drives is also season dependent, with the drives in winter taking place from 16:30, and the summer drives commencing at 17:30. The duration of the drives is approximately 3 hours.

Sunset drives cost N$725 per person, N$ 362.50 per child under 12 (cold drinks and snack platter included). Scenic dune drives (water included) and  sunrise drives cost the same (coffee and rusks included).

Photographic Safari & Professional Photographic Tours

Our desert retreat is a photographer’s dream offering you a chance to capture great shots of the oldest desert in the world as well as wildlife. The activity costs N$5,000 per person. If you are interested in using Kanaan as a location for a professional shoot, please visit our filming page.


How to find us

This enchanting reserve borders the Namib Naukluft Park with its breathtaking dunes to the west, and the Tiras Mountains to the east.

Directions from Windhoek to Kanaan:
South: 25° 55’ 4.9692”
East: 16° 8’ 3.6816”
How to get there:
  • Drive B1 south to Mariental.
  • Turn right on to C19 towards Maltahohe.
  • Continue through town to the T-junction, then left on to C14, then continue for 35km
  • Turn right on to D824.
  • Continue for 11km, follow D831 left, and right on to D826 towards Duwiseb Castle.
  • Continue to Betta, then left on to C27 towards Farm Spes Bona.
  • At Spes Bona, turn right on to D707, continue for 45km to Kanaan entrance.


Contact Us

Tel: +264 (063) 683 119

Volunteer programme

As a volunteer at Kanaan you will participate in our conservation work. This includes getting involved in our efforts to restore the land to its original beauty, tracking wild carnivores and researching free-roaming wildlife. For more information about volunteering at Kanaan, please contact bookings@naankuse.com

Current Kanaan research and conservation projects include our human-carnivore conflict research project and spotted hyena research project.

Activities can include, but are not limited to:
  • GPS tracking in the field
  • Setting camera traps and analyzing the image data
  • Learning about flora and fauna
  • Identifying signs and tracks of the local wildlife
  • Helping with wildlife population census
  • Exploring the vast and abundant landscapes
  • Sundowners and star-gazing
  • Other activities that may arise during your stay.
Wildlife Conservation Volunteer

Human-Carnivore Conflict Research

Carnivore Human Conflict is the clash between Namibia’s carnivores and landowners and is actively mitigated by Naankuse.

Spotted Hyena Project

Monitoring spotted hyena populations at Kanaan and Neuras to study and understand the human-wildlife conflict in Southern Namibia.

kanaan desert retreat
kanaan desert retreat
Bat-eared fox
Black Backed Jackal
Brown Hyena