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Naankuse Lodge & Wildlife Sanctuary

Located only 30 minutes from Hosea Kutako International Airport, the award-winning Naankuse Lodge offers stunning accommodation amidst a 3,200 hectare reserve. With activities including carnivore feeding tours, baboon walks, the Ancient San Skills Academy and much more, you are sure to enjoy an unforgettable African holiday with us.

Our lodge is a not-for-profit ecotourism destination, where all profits are directed straight back into supporting our charitable projects under the Naankuse Foundation.

When established in 2007, our vision was twofold – to offer people traveling through Namibia an opportunity to stay somewhere that gave back to Namibia’s wildlife, and also to provide job and training opportunities in the hospitality industry to the San community.

Every person who stays at Naankuse Lodge becomes aware of our history, our passion for conservation and our love for food and culture. They no doubt leave with a little bit of us in their hearts. More importantly, our guests support the legacy of the people and animals we care for.

Please visit our lodge website for more information and rates.

Day guests have the opportunity to take part in our various activities. Please contact or call us on +264 (0)61 307 338 (select option 2 for Activity Centre) to make a booking or for more information.


Our lodge accommodation includes six lavish chalets, each comprising a delightful blend of rich ethnicity and modern extravagance. They simultaneously offer a secluded retreat from the ruggedness of Africa.

All rooms have been designed to offer total privacy and comfort in harmony with their surroundings. Rooms boast large twin beds, air-conditioning, en-suite bathrooms and have their own private veranda with views overlooking the beautiful bush veldt.


Our villas have been individually designed with immaculate attention to detail. This creates a feeling of natural beauty and comfort.

Located close to the main lodge, each villa has its own plot, luxury fitted kitchen, lounge area and veranda with stunning views across the veldt. Guests can enjoy delicious, freshly cooked meals and all of the facilities our lodge offers, including our swimming pool and bar. You can also opt for the lodge to deliver dinner straight to your villa, or why not cook and enjoy your very own braai (barbecue)?

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Click on the button below for our rates and availability. For further information please contact us on: +264(0)61 307 338 or email:

Sustainability is defined as “enduring”, “supporting” or “maintaining”. At the Naankuseê Lodge in Namibia we take sustainability a step further to mean “thrive” alongside “supporting”.

The Naankuse’s Lodge’s main focus is sustainability in Africa. The lodge itself is crafted from ecologically clean material including solid logs and glass to complement Naankuse’s beautiful wilderness setting. We live side-by-side with the local wildlife and guests can enjoy a range of amazing views of animals from their chalets – such as the local red hartebeest, oryx, giraffe, baboons and kudu – not to mention breath-taking sunsets in the evenings.

Our lodge is a not-for-profit eco-tourism destination, where all profits are directed straight back into supporting our charitable projects in a sustainable ecosystem under the N/a’an ku sê Foundation.

To help support the sanctuary, we donate all of our leftover food to be recycled into animal food. This helps cut down on the waste we produce, and reduces our carbon footprint, ensuring a sustainable future for Africa.

Additionally, we work hard to offer job opportunities to the San Bushman, a marginalized community in Namibia. We currently employ 45 San Bushman within the Naankuse Foundation and are proud to offer them a better future in the hospitality industry. Thanks to our efforts, two of our kitchen staff and all three of our guides have completed higher education courses.

How to find us
Directions from Windhoek to Neuras:
Naankuse Lodge and Activity Centre GPS Coordinates: 
S 22° 21′ 51.82″
E 17° 22’45.07″

Please be aware that we sometimes experience problems receiving emails from Hotmail accounts – If you don’t hear a reply from us within 3 days, please re-send via another email account. Thank You.

Landing strip coordinates: 
S 22° 22′ 30.38″
E 17° 24′ 01.76″

Pilots flying into Naankuse must file a flight plan before hand as the strip is in controlled airspace and clearance must be obtained from approach 120.5 and Windhoek tower 118.1

Find out more about Naankuse Wildlife Sanctuary

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Volunteer programme
Volunteer at Naankuse Wildlife Sanctuary for a once in a lifetime opportunity…

Volunteers play a crucial role in our work in rehabilitating and caring for sick, orphaned and/or conflict animals. Volunteers help us with the daily care and feeding of each animal that calls Naankuse home, as well as helping us to maintain and develop the sanctuary.  This is an exceptional opportunity to get hands on with African wildlife.


GPS tracking in the field

Setting camera traps and analyzing the image data

Learning about flora and fauna

Identifying signs and tracks of the local wildlife

Helping with wildlife population census

Exploring the vast and abundant landscapes

Sundowners and star-gazing

Other activities that may arise during your stay.

Wildlife Conservation Volunteer
Human-Carnivore Conflict Research

Carnivore Human Conflict is the clash between Namibia’s carnivores and landowners and is actively mitigated by Naankuse.

Spotted Hyena Project

Monitoring spotted hyena populations at Kanaan and Neuras to study and understand the human-wildlife conflict in Southern Namibia.

Black Backed Jackal
Hartmann’s mountain zebra