Rhino Rangers

Prove yourself fearless!

Specifically tailored to emphasize the dire necessity of protecting threatened species, “Rhino Rangers” immerses participants in the exhilarating realm of anti-poaching methods and challenges.

Learn first-hand from our valiant anti-poaching unit (APU) whilst spending two weeks with the intrepid men who have dedicated their lives to guarding the 7,600-hectare Zannier Reserve by Naankuse.

Located close to the Naankuse Foundation Wildlife Sanctuary, the Zannier Reserve is home to some of Namibia’s most threatened species – a conservation mecca, but simultaneously a magnet for potential poachers.
Rhino Rangers follows a 14-day program. Get to grips with the challenges of living and surviving in the bush, Namibia’s star-studded skies, the sounds of nocturnal animal activity and the roar of lions enhancing the thrill of Africa.

Join our APU on their patrols, master firearm skills, navigation, tracking techniques and the science of poaching itself – to defeat you need to understand.
It’s a fortnight of proving fearless!


Just what can you expect?

  • Well, safety first. You may be in the wilds of the Namibian bush but, in the hands of our highly experienced team, you have nothing to fear.
  • A bonding experience with your fellow fearless participants. We can take a maximum of 8 participants into our anti-poaching world. And to keep things even more convivial, the group will be split into two.
  • When not overnighting in the open wilds of the reserve itself at discreet observation points, rustic bush camps provide all basic needs. You’ll even be able to take a hot shower.
  • You’ll be supplied with the “real deal” anti-poaching unit provisions. These include two bona fide APU uniforms. And to make sure they fit just right, simply pop us your shirt and pants sizes.
  • Food rations (not as fabulous as a Naankuse lodge buffet, but everything tastes better in the bush veldt). Your designated APU ranger will show you just how to prepare your fare. And we’ll throw in plates, cups and cutlery too.




What does a fearless 14-days costs.

  • The 2020 rates are NAD1,764.00 per person per night. That’s USD117 (and once again depending on the current exchange rate)
  • The cost includes food rations, accommodation at the tented camps or when sleeping under the stars at the observation points, the APU uniforms and all transfers to and from the project.

What do you need to bring?

Courage, tenacity and a love for wildlife.
The following items are also a “must” for your bush veldt experience:
• Sleeping bag
• Pillow
• Towel
• Neutral colour clothing (green, olive, brown) – blending in is key
• Neutral colour bush hat
• Comfortable walking shoes, preferably boots
• Binoculars
• 2 x backpacks (60 Litre and 25-35 Litre)
• Multitool
• Sunscreen and insect repellent
• Small first aid kit
• Flashlight – a head torch is truly handy
• Toiletries – biodegradable is best, and we recommend soap and shampoo bars to avoid that dreaded plastic
• Raincoat – yes, occasionally our desert country does receive rain
• Camera – capture every moment
• Survival gear – it’s the perfect opportunity to test any gadgets you may have i.e. compass, night-vision binoculars and any other survival goodies.


When can you enter our APU world?

Rhino Rangers kicked off in November 2019, and the project starts every Monday. The schedule is a fixed 14 nights, so volunteers must arrive the Sunday prior to the Monday start and plan to depart on the Sunday 14 days later.

But why leave so soon? You can combine this fantastic APU experience with any of our other great projects

Why wait? The decline in numbers of Namibia’s threatened species certainly isn’t and we need your help in protecting them.


In case of any enquiries contact us at bookings@naankuse.com