Cheetahs, baboons and conservation: A Namibian adventure


By Chris Bach

“Those who can’t see beauty, even in the smallest of creatures… they are poor and forever will remain so” -unknown

I was asked before my latest trip, “So where are you going this time?”. “Namibia to volunteer at a wildlife sanctuary”! This was followed by, “You’re going to pay to go somewhere to shovel poop and feed animals and get dirty and NOT get paid?!?” Yes, I am, and did. I’ve found it to be a very enlightening, enriching, stress-from-the-first-world-grind release to go out into the world and find amazing places like this. The usual cause is “My smile has left and wandered off, I must go find it again”. And find it again I did at an amazing place called N/a’n ku se located 42 km (26mi) outside of Windhoek Namibia in the Kalahari basin.

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