The Big 4, Protecting the 5th

To show its support for Namibia’s National Youth Week, themed “Youth against Wildlife Crime/Youth unite for wildlife conservation”, Naankuse joined hands with the National Youth Council (NYC) to offer four young Namibians a unique three-day excursion with the Naankuse Anti-poaching Unit (NAPU).

Below are the diaries kept by our young adventurers, detailing their first experiences with wildlife conservation.

Dwaine Ndjaronguru

“We are back at base and the reality of being protectors for a few days sets in. What an experience! I have done some exciting things in my life but this is the most dangerous and adventurous thing I’ve ever done. The importance of taking care of our wildlife and natural resources cannot be emphasised more. This experience has taught me that all lives do matter, and what I’m going to do about it? It is my duty as a Namibian to ensure that all lives are protected. I’ve fallen in love with nature and its inhabitants!”

Mandela H. Shitambi

“This has been the most exciting & adventurous activity I have ever taken part in and I truly want to thank the wonderful team at Naankuse for receiving us and being there for us every step of this journey. I will surely take the same enthusiasm I came with into this excursion back into the world, and preach the efforts being made by conservationists and their fight in protecting our beautiful natural resources. The fight today will surely ensure that future generations have the opportunity to see the likes of the magnificent White Rhino.”

Lyrischia Immanuellah

“As someone who enjoys the luxury of “Glamping” (glamorous camping) being on the frontline of protecting our endangered wildlife in the open bushveld of the Zannier Reserve, this has by far been both the scariest thing that I’ve done, but also the most adventurous”.