Naankuse Films

Passionate about production… concerned about conservation

Situated at the heart of a wildlife reserve and animal sanctuary, Naankuse Films not only provides the best of animal action, but also the logistical support your Namibian production demands.

Recent Work

We have been fortunate enough to work with some great people on fantastic productions including National Geographic’s iconic documentary series “One Strange Rock”, BBC’s “Animals with Cameras”, Animal Planet’s “Vet Gone Wild”, BBC Earth’s “Big Cats”, ITV’s “Paul O’ Grady’s Animal Orphans” and many more.

What do we do?

All filming fees are put straight back into the Naankuse Foundation’s conservation projects, allowing us to provide exceptional wildlife services while also contributing to the preservation of one of Africa’s most sought-after filming locations – Namibia. Pesky permits? Worrying work visas? Never fear – we take care of the daunting documentation on your behalf.

We have brought wildlife magic and more to a myriad of international productions. But not only are we savvy about service, we also proudly produce a long-running local television series. Aired in South Africa as “Groen: Namibië” and on our very own NBC as “Wild Jobs Namibia”, this exciting series sees Dr. Rudie and Marlice van Vuuren of the Naankuse Foundation bringing their spirit of conservation and their inherent love of Namibia’s natural wonders to the small screen. They travel the length and breadth of our awe-inspiring country, introducing the pioneers leading the many conservation projects in Namibia through their “wild” jobs to the viewing audience, meeting the human faces behind the efforts, as well as the magnificent, often threatened wildlife species in Namibia.

Meet the Naankuse Films Team

Naankuse Films is run by a team of industry professionals possessing the skills to make your productions run smoothly and safely. Added to this, they have the passion and drive to conserve those elements that make a Namibian shoot unique; the cultures, wildlife and landscapes.

Colette Massier

Naankuse Films Co-Founder and Producer

Marlice van Vuuren

Naankuse Co-Founder, Conservationist and Wrangler

Rudie van Vuuren

Naankuse Co-Founder, Conservationist and Wrangler

Johannes Hepeni

N/a’an ku sê Wrangler Extraordinaire

Balon Teko

San Translator

Why Naankuse?

At the Naankuse Reserve and Wildlife Sanctuary, 3500 hectares of unspoiled bush veldt lend themselves seamlessly to wildlife action. From cheetahs chasing a lure for that ideal shot of the spotted sprinters in action, our big cats on a hunt and habituated chacma baboons showing off their playful natures, to meerkats and their mischievous antics, and caracals displaying their resplendent leaps – we have it all!

We certainly offer a feast for your lens.

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