INTO THE WILD:Volunteering at Namibia wildlife sanctuary was a life-changing experience – and I’m already counting down days to get back….


By Nicola Bardon

WHILE your summer holidays were probably cocktails by the pool, mine was more like caracals and poo!

Instead of heading to Greece like the rest of my pals, I spent my two weeks off volunteering with animals in Africa at a wildlife sanctuary.

Well, that’s all I thought they did before I went, but once I got to N/a’an ku sê, I realised they do so much more.

Not only do they look after rhinos, lions, cheetahs and leopards, as well as the smaller beauties like meerkats and monkeys, but they supply free education and healthcare to the San Bushman tribe as well.

This is despite the worst drought in 170 years, which is now a national emergency in Namibia, so they are feeding more animals than before, as locals drop off the animals they just cannot afford to look after.

Oh and they have research sites as well to observe animals in the wild… so just a small operation eh?


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