Good-bye Naankuse……..

Sunset drives at Kanaan

By Christine Ceard Joachim

It was a smashing experience because it was a hands-on experience.
Everybody has been so nice and helpful from the very first mail I sent,
to say I wanted to book here. It’s also reassuring for somebody my age to see so many young people from
all over the world involved in conservation as volunteers.
I just wanted to say : just make sure you prolong this commitment back home
in your everyday life for the animals and for life on earth. We all know conservation is part of the biggest challenge humanity has had to
face so far, that is climate change or rather climate disruption.

We all know we have to change :

• Consume less in all domains, for ex. buy second-hand and repair our equipment instead of buying new again & again.
• Stop depleting our natural resources.
• Cut down our meat consumption.
• Read the labels and boycott the brands that are not ethical or sustainable.
• Reduce our waste, etc … In short let’s be responsible consumers,
Let’s be the change we need,
Let’s be models for others. In fact our experience here in Naankuse should change us forever & for the
better ; so let’s forever be the voice of the animals, the voice of the planet,
the voice of all these ancient tribes like the San people here who have kept
the wisdom we have lost.

Because do you know what ? there is no planet B !

Thank you and farewell in your lives !


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