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Student Groups

Naankuse offers student groups and interns the opportunity to gain first-hand experience in conservation. Whether you are a student looking to gain more knowledge in field research or species specific conservation, or a teacher yearning to get your students out of the classroom to learn new skills under the supervision of our experienced team – Naankuse could be the place for you!

Naankuse welcomes student groups from around the world to develop student knowledge in conservation. We can tailor your student group experiences to gain the most from your time with us.

The group can be involved in our everyday volunteer activities, or specialised programs can be developed to suit your needs. You will be supervised by one of our experienced staff who will work with you to design the programme. Activities can include food preparation, animal enrichment, enclosure cleaning, horse riding, research, game counts, project work, spending time at our Clever Cubs School and so much more. Groups can also spend time at our various research sites around Namibia. Student group programmes run for a minimum of five days. Discounted fees apply to students and student groups.

For more information please contact our bookings team at and they can discuss the options, accommodation and prices directly with you.


The Naankuse research team welcomes students and interns from around the world to make a positive impact on conservation in Namibia.
We offer students and interns the opportunity to gain in-depth knowledge of in-situ conservation. This is done under the supervision of our experienced researchers.
For more information about becoming an intern at Naankuse, please first complete a provisional booking form (please specify what research topic you would like to focus on). Afterwards, a member of the research team will get back to you to discuss further. Discounted fees apply to interns.