Zannier Reserve

In 2016 Zannier Hotels partnered with the Naankuse Foundation to create an immense nature reserve of 9,000 hectares. Today, the Zannier Reserve by Naankuse actively contributes to the conservation and regulation of the flora and fauna, protecting biodiversity and fighting the extinction of threatened species.

The Zannier Reserve by Naankuse lies on the Khomas Hochland plateau, with a magnificent mountain range as a backdrop. It is characterised by its vast diversity of animals (giraffes, warthogs, a wide variety of antelopes, ostriches, jackals, leopards, baboons, birds…) and landscapes (hills and valleys, vast plains and an enormous lake surrounded by vegetation and African bush).



Led by authentic research and a genuine dedication for preserving and sharing natural beauty, Zannier Reserve aims to be the custodian of a fragile environment at the gates of Namibia’s expanding capital, Windhoek. The relocation and reintroduction of endemic species such as rhinos, elephants and caracals are great examples of this vast reserve’s missions. The aim is to ensure the preservation of the reserve’s natural life cycle.

At the Shiloh Wildlife Sanctuary wild animals such as rhinos and elephants are treated under optimal conditions. Within the walls of the 10-hectare sanctuary, the animals can convalesce in a manner that will enable most of them to be reintegrated back into the nature reserve. It is equipped with the most up-to-date technology and can offer effective protection against poaching. This fauna and flora rich sanctuary is also an ideal environment for research, particularly that focused on human-wildlife conflict resolution.

To offer visitors an immersive experience of the reserve, various excursions and safaris are organised. Programmes are personalised according to the guests’ thirst for adventure, always maintaining a deep respect for the natural environment and local traditions. Each expedition subsequently becomes an unforgettable, individual and magical experience.