Forest Conservation Revegetation Project

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Forest Conservation Revegetation Project

The N/a’an ku sê Forest Conservation Revegetation Project is taking N/a’an ku sê’s current landscape conservation efforts to the next level. With the ultimate goal of conserving Namibia’s native forests, the project is evolving from maintenance of the forest to active rehabilitation of degraded areas where indigenous forests once thrived.

Project aims

The N/a’an ku sê Forest Conservation Revegetation Project involves the construction of economically viable and ecologically sustainable nurseries at N/a’an ku sê Lodge and Wildlife Sanctuary in central Namibia. Indigenous seed of various native tree and shrub species (with a focus on endangered species) will be collected and propagated using recycled water. These seedlings will then be planted into areas where existing native vegetation has been reduced or lost because of human interference. The project will provide employment opportunities and associated training for the local community in nursery operations, plant propagation, forest revegetation and conservation, as well as volunteer coordination.

This project advances the most recent National Action Programme for Namibia to Implement the United Nations Convention to Combat Desertification (NAP 2014-2024), which aims to ”prevent and reverse desertification and land degradation in affected areas and to mitigate the effects of drought in Namibia in support of poverty reduction and environment sustainability.” The project contributes to both the environmental and community aspects of this programme.

In November 2016, the project was accepted into the Queen’s Commonwealth Canopy, at a ceremony hosted by Her Majesty The Queen of England and His Royal Highness The Duke of Edinburgh, and attended by world-renowned naturalist Sir David Attenborough. The QCC, launched in 2015 by the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting in Malta, is a unique network of forest conservation initiatives, which involves all 52 countries of the Commonwealth. The QCC supports a network of forest conservation projects that will mark Her Majesty The Queen’s service to the Commonwealth, while conserving indigenous forests for future generations.

The N/a’an ku sê Forest Conservation Revegetation Project is honoured to be included in the Queen’s Commonwealth Canopy. We hope that the project outcomes will act as a framework to encourage and guide those interested in forest conservation within Namibia and across Southern Africa and a catalyst for future forest conservation projects. Dissemination of the project results (including failures and successes) will add to the body of knowledge around forest conservation, encourage information sharing among the community and raise awareness of the value of saving indigenous forests and how they contribute to climate change.

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