Neuras Wine & Wildlife Estate

Neuras is a 14,500-hectare oasis in the desert and boasts natural fresh water fountains and lush palm trees.

It is here that we produce our spectacular Neuras wines in one of the driest vineyards in the world.

We welcome volunteers as well as day visitors and overnight guests and offer activities such as wine tasting, cheetah feeding, hiking, wildlife tracking and a chance to participate in scientific research.

Neuras Projects
The Naankuse Forest Conservation Revegetation Project

The Naankuse Forest Conservation Revegetation Project is taking Naankuse’s current landscape conservation efforts to the next level. With the ultimate goal of conserving Namibia’s native forests, the project is evolving from maintenance of the forest, to active rehabilitation of degraded areas where indigenous forests once thrived.

Funded by Angelina Jolie and developed in partnership with the Jolie-Pitt Foundation, the Naankuse Forest Conservation Revegetation Project involves the construction of economically viable and ecologically sustainable nurseries at Naankuse Lodge and Wildlife Sanctuary in central Namibia. The indigenous seeds of various native tree and shrub species (with a focus on endangered species) are being collected and propagated using recycled water. These seedlings are then planted into areas where existing native vegetation has been reduced or lost due to human interference. The project will provide employment opportunities and associated training for the local community in nursery operations, plant propagation, forest revegetation and conservation, as well as volunteer coordination.

In November 2016 the project was accepted into the Queen’s Commonwealth Canopy, at a ceremony hosted by Her Majesty The Queen of England and His Royal Highness The Duke of Edinburgh. It was also attended by world-renowned naturalist, Sir David Attenborough.

Leopard Research Project

We engage with key stakeholders, from NGO’s to the government, to foster a spirit of cooperation and knowledge exchange. This furthers conservation efforts and makes a greater impact on human-leopard conflict. We use methods including consultations, data sharing and livestock protection strategies to engage with landowners. Through applied research, community engagement and education and livestock management we will further reduce indiscriminate killings and ensure the survival of Namibia’s leopard population.

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To make a booking or for further information please contact us on +264(0)63293 417 or email

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How to find us

Neuras is set among breathtaking scenery and boasts ancient canyons, caves and natural fountains. Furthermore, it is home to one of Naankuse’s prime carnivore research programmes. It is one of only three wineries in Namibia and among the driest vineyards in the world.

Directions from Windhoek to Neuras:

Direction south on B1 towards Rehoboth 89km.
Drive through Rehoboth.
After 3km turn right onto C24.
Travel for 115km on the C24.
Drive over the Rietoog River.
After 1km turn right onto the D1206.
Travel 28km until you reach the C14.
Turn left onto the C14 and travel 1km.
Turn right onto the D854.
Travel 38km along the Naukluft Mountains.
Turn left onto the D850 and travel for 7km.
You will see the Neuras sign board.

Contact Us

Phone: +264(0)63 293 417

Volunteering at Neuras

As a volunteer at Neuras you will actively participate in our conservation efforts. This includes getting involved in our efforts to restore the land to its original beauty, track wild carnivores and research free-roaming wildlife. Furthermore, if volunteering at the right time of year you can even help out in our vineyard (and enjoy a glass or two of course!).

Activities can include, but are not limited to:

• GPS tracking in the field
• Setting camera traps and analyzing the image data
• Learning about flora and fauna
• Identifying signs and tracks of the local wildlife

• Helping with wildlife population census
• Exploring the vast and abundant landscapes
• Sundowners and star-gazing
• Other activities that may arise during your stay.

Wildlife Conservation Volunteer
Human-Carnivore Conflict Research

Human-carnivore conflict is the clash between Namibia’s carnivores and landowners and is actively mitigated by Naankuse.

Leopard Research Project

Monitoring leopard populations at Neuras to study and understand human-wildlife conflict in southern Namibia.

Black Backed Jackal
Hartmann’s mountain zebra