Alice’s Animal Allies


By Alice Barker

Hello children (or, as the San people say here in Namibia, ‘A gu goatse dibi g!oa’)! My name’s Alice and I’m the Brand Ambassador here at Naankuse. It’s my job to tell people about the wonderful work Naankuse is doing, and to make sure they know all about our amazing animals. The work we do here is called conservation and it’s really important; we use information to help us understand how best to protect the planet so that we can stay happy and healthy for a long time to come!

However, I need your help.

You see, conservation doesn’t have to be complicated – there are some easy things that you can do too! So what do you say? Take a look at the fun stuff below to find out how you can become an Animal Ally, and if you have any questions, stories to share or simply want to know more, please email me at:

Thank you from me and my animal friends!

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