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Sarah David

Sarah is schizophenic married mother of 2 who needs urgent psychiatric help.

We have been supporting her recovery but she clearly needs professional help.



Freaky Timmy

Freaky is a 25 year old guy who was shot with a sling shot to the eye and chest.

His eye popped out and had to be admitted to the hospital in Gobabis. He gets frequent eye infections and is in dire need of a prosthetic eye.

Our Outreach Services

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We need your help!

The San Bushmen Children are facing extreme malnutrition due to poverty.

Naankuse is on the frontline, providing more than 4500 San with critical food.

We stand ready to feed as many as 10 000 people but we can’t do this work without the generous support of people like you.

Naankuse relies entirely on voluntary contributions, so every donation counts. 100% of donations we receive go directly to assist the people most in need. Your donation will be immediately put to work saving lives.

Getting food to the San Bushmen is essential.

 -100 USD - Covers a months food packet for a family
-200 USD - Covers cost for treatment of one patient
-500 USD - Covers cost of hospital admittance for a patient.

Help us help them. Donate