N/a’an ku sê 's wishlist! Can you help?

We are always in need of donations to support our work with conserving Namibian wildlife and communities. Another way to support us is for volunteers and visitors to bring some of the needed items listed below.

Although we are hugely grateful for any donations, we prefer not to receive items by courier or by post because we often have to pay charges to customs. If you are keen to contribute items to our work, we would appreciate if you make a donation via the donations page and specify what project you would like to contribute to.

Animal Sanctuary

Kitten Milk (milk formula – available from pet shops)
Glucose powder 500g (available from pharmacies or pet shops)
Frontline Spray 250ml (tick and flea spray – available from pet shops (remember to put in your hold luggage)
EssentialForte Capusules (liver cleansing supplement – available from pharmacies)
AA Batteries
Animal baby drink teats / silicone or latex animal feeding nipples (no human baby teats)
Baby bottles 100 ml up to 250 ml
Animal blankets
C-Cells batteries
Duct tape
Knives for food preparation
Paint brushes
Round bottle teats
SD cards and thumb drives
Wildlife field guides (Southern Africa only)
2 way radios (walkie talkie set of at least 4 with long-range capabilities)
Old Cellphones
Old laptops
Battery operated power tools
Hand sanitize
Horse riding equipment: bridles (smaller sizes), reigns, bits, halter/lead ropes, helmets (especially size 45 – medium), saddle oil, leather soap, stirrup leathers, stirrup irons.
Tools: pliers (vise grip, side cutters), combination spanners, hammers (claw and engineering types), drill bits (wood, metal and masonry), screwdrivers and screwdriver bits (slotted and Philips various sizes), chisels, files (both wood and metal working), sockets (both normal and deep set) etc.

Lifeline Clinic

Clothes & shoes (particularly for winter) – for any age (no shoes larger than UK size 7, most adults are size 2-5) including underwear
Ziplock bags that can protect healthcare records (21x10cm)
Medication dispensers / dosette boxes (to aid compliance with TB medication)
Soap bars (to give to patients going into hospital)
Toothpaste and toothbrushes
Multivitamins for children
Lollipops (used to bribe children needing medical review!)
Sanitary towels for San girls at local school
5ml spoons to administer medication
Sutures of various sizes (in-date)
Non-sterile medical examination gloves size M
Hand disinfectant gel
Stationary – pens, pencils, paper, files, permanent markers, whiteboard pens etc
Footballs, netballs
Fun bubbles for children
Pregnancy tests
Nappies of various sizes
Triangular slings
AA batteries
CR 2032 batteries
Ear probe covers for Thermoscan digital thermometer
Disposable speculums, mainly small size for Welch Allyn Otoscope
Micropore tape
3ml, 5ml and 10ml luer lock syringes
We can only accept in-date medication. For donations of medications, please discuss with laura@naankuse.com or clare@naankuse.com

Clever Cubs School

Warm winter blankets (this is a great need)
Children’s shoes (baby sizes and upward)
Clothes – for adults and children aged from babies to 15 years (e.g. trousers, skirts, t-shirts and underwear)
Flasks for the kids to bring to school (preferably with a lid)
Lunch boxes for the kids to bring to school
School bags
Vitamin C tablets for children
Ring binders
Flip files with pockets
Wood glue
Drawing books
Paint brushes
White and colour chalk
Modeling clay
Schoolwork blunt scissors
Face clothes
Food colouring
Water paint powder
Musical instruments (recorders, flutes etc.)


leopard collared

AA batteries (priority)
GPS – Garmin Etrex 20 (priority)
Bushnell camera traps (or any other camera traps) (priority)
Carnivore collars (priority)
New/Second hand laptop (priority)
External Hard drive (priority)
USB Flash Drive
Casings for camera traps
SD Cards
Computer mouse
Stationary in general: good glue, electrical tape, zip lock bags, permanent markers, clip boards
Microsoft office licence

Veterinary Clinic


Anesthesia machine (isoflurane)
Pulse Oximeter
Rectal thermometers (°C)
Portable X-Ray
Mac Masters cell
Laboratory supplies
Freezer for samples
Autoclave (to sterilise instruments)
Instruments containers for sterilisation
Hanging scale (up to at least 150 kg)
Cordless veterinary clippers (2)
Heat lamp (for critical care)