A conservation winery

Neuras Wine and Wildlife Estate is an oasis in the desert and boasts natural fresh water fountains and lush palm trees. And it is here that we produce wine from one of the driest vineyards in the world.

All profits from Neuras wine sales are reinvested straight back into our conservation projects.

This 14,500 hectare reserve is a prime conservation center. Our unique winery is set on the edge of the Namib Desert in the foothills of the majestic Naukluft Mountains. All Neuras wines are made solely by hand; this includes picking the grapes, bottling and corking, and even sticking the labels by hand.

Wine Varietals

Our wines are an exquisite blend of flavours, spices and the soul of Namibia. Below are some wine tasting notes on our different wine varietals, so you can decide for yourself which you’d like to sample upon your visit:

2015 NEURAS SHIRAZ: This light style medium bodied dry, red wine is a blend of wines made from old and young vines. It differs from traditional prominent smoky or peppery full bodied Shiraz wines. It has a medium red colour with a fruity nose, limited woodiness and is soft on the palate. The soft tannins and low acid concentration make it easy drinkable and will complement pasta and poultry dishes.

2015 NEURAS RED: A unique blend of Mourvedre (43%), Shiraz (30%), Petit Verdot/Merlot (13%) and Grenache (10%), combining the different varietal characters. The different cultivars are blended after wood maturation and selection of the most suitable wines. This dry, full- bodied, dark red wine is complemented by French wood, which create a more complex mouthfeel. It is a serious wine to pair with game and steak dishes.

2015 NEURAS TRIPLE CLONE SHIRAZ: A 100% Shiraz blended from three different clones, SH21K, SH470B and SH9C, grown in the young vineyard and picked at full ripeness. It leads to a fusion of floral and spicy flavours. The 3 best barrels with French and American oak staves are selected to blend after maturation and creating this dark red, full-bodied, dry red wine with further bottle maturation potential. The wine pairs well with red meat and rich cheeses.

2015 NEURAS TRIPLE CULTIVAR BLEND: A Rhone style blend of Shiraz (56%),Mourvedre (33%) and Grenache (11%) from young vines. A combination of French and American oak is used for maturation before blending. Barrels with the most typical varietal character are selected to complement each other and combining spicy, meaty and Floral flavors. This medium-bodied dry red wine will pair well with small game and poultry dishes.

Currently we  produce between 5,000 and 6,000 bottles per year. We also produce desert wine and brandy and will also be selling rum in the near future. Please email us directly at neuras@naankuse.com with any questions.

How the wine is made in the desert

Many people wonder how we can produce such wonderful wine in the desert. The unique micro climate at Neuras makes quality wine production possible due to the cool west wind blowing in from the Atlantic Ocean. This wind cools the area down by so much as 8-10 degrees Celsius at night. And this cooling effect combined with the hot east winds allows the grapes to ripen much later than they would normally do in similar climatic conditions.

At Neuras there are five springs that provides copious quantities of pure water. Furthermore, the mountains shield the land from the harsh desert winds, and the alkaline soil is perfect for vines. However, because of these conditions the grapes need to be harvested in the early hours, before they become too warm.

Local materials were used to build the cellar, including stone, sand and wood from the area. Local builders were also employed who knew how to build with these materials. As a result the building of the cellar had a very small carbon footprint as minimal transport was used in the building process. Neuras is powered 95% by solar energy, thus making our wine production “GREEN”.

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