Mangetti Cattle Ranch

Situated in the eastern Kalahari woodlands about 100 km south-west of Rundu, lies the Mangetti Cattle Ranch, a government para-statal farm conglomerate administered by the Namibia Development Corporation (NDC). The ranch is approximately 168,900ha in size and is comprised of over 40 individual farms primarily for livestock production.

The Mangetti Complex comprises two main areas; the Kavango Cattle Ranch, a government farm conglomerate in the Kavango region of northern Namibia, and the nearby Mangetti National Park. In total the study area comprises more than 2,000 km2of north-eastern Kalahari woodlands and mixed acacias avannah. The vegetation is thick and dense allowing even the largest species of wildlife to simply vanish before your very eyes.

Namibia Nature Foundation, N/a’an ku sê and The AfriCat Foundation have been granted access to the property for African wild dog research purposes.

Mangetti welcomes volunteers to assist our researchers in elephant and wild dog conservation research.

GPS: 18° 44′ 9.96″ S, 18° 34′ 53.94″ E (-18.734627, 18.587811)

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