N/a’an ku sê sites across Namibia

N/a’an ku sê has a range of magnificent sites hosted across varied and diverse landscapes, each one distinctive and exceptional.

From the red dunes and crystal clear night skies of Kanaan, to our desert oasis and vineyards of Neuras, to our world renowned lodge and wildlife sanctuary only 45 minutes from Hosea Kutako international airport.

N/a’an ku sê offers an adventure of a lifetime to the discerning traveller with a passion for wildlife, conservation and age-old cultures.

N/a’an ku sê lodges and volunteering sites

Lodge & Wildlife Sanctuary

Neuras Wine & Wildlife Estate

Kanaan Desert Retreat

Volunteering only sites

Lifeline Clinic

Mangetti Cattle Ranch

Where to find us

N/a’an ku sê’s sites; Neuras, Kanaan, and the N/a’an ku sê Wildlife Sanctuary are spread across Central and Southern Namibia. Our Lifeline Clinic for San Bushmen is located in the East of Namibia. In addition, a joint research project is carried out in the North-East area of the Mangetti.

All developed on wild and untamed land, these sites provide homes to free roaming wildlife including Namibia’s endangered large carnivores. With imposing mountain ranges, vast deserts rippled by red dunes and natural habitat kept intact, N/a’an ku sê’s sites are truly wonders of Namibia.