Why volunteer with us?

//Why volunteer with us?

Why volunteer with us?

The experiences provided at N/a’an ku sê are rare and unique.

Volunteering at the Wildlife Sanctuary gives you the rare opportunity to work hands on with Namibia’s wildlife. We actively participates in conservation, which means at any time volunteers can be whisked away to assist in carnivore releases or mitigation of human wildlife conflict. A whirlwind of exciting wildlife experiences, N/a’an ku sê provides you with the chance to make the wild your home.

With their diversity of wildlife amid spectacular scenery, Neuras, Kanaan and Mangetti are the perfect locations to become involved firsthand with all aspects of our carnivore and elephant research programme from data collection and processing to ample field experience.

You may also have the chance to be involved in humanitarian work with the San Bushman children at our Clever Cubs School or the Bushman at our Lifeline Clinic, providing vital education and healthcare to individuals of this ancient culture.

What will you get out of it? That is entirely up to you, but many people find their experiences to be life-changing. One thing is for sure, you will leave with experiences you have never had before.