The Namib Carnivore Conservation Centre is located in the small town of Solitaire, at the edge of the Namib Desert. Tourists can visit the NCC visitor centre where they can view educational material about the ongoing research projects and methods.

The NCCC offers a unique cheetah tracking safari where tourists can accompany one of the onsite biologists and learn about radio-telemetry tracking and experience up-close encounters with the unreleasable ambassador cheetahs living inside the large soft-release camp.

The NCCC also welcomes Namibian educational groups to help communicate the importance of conservation to young Namibians. For example the Children in the Wilderness programme regularly bring groups of children and teenagers to the NCCC to learn about carnivore conservation and how they can become involved.  The NCC takes Namibian and international student interns and also provides job opportunities for local Namibians.