Carnivore Human Conflict is a daily reality in countries like Namibia where there are over 4,000 commercial farms. The conflict often stems from a misconception regarding carnivores tendency to kill livestock. N/a’an ku sê work tirelessly in their efforts to reduce and mitigate Carnivore Human Conflict. We work to provide strategies that can assist farmers in reducing livestock killings, such as thorn bomas, lion faeces, guard donkeys and sheparding techniques.

When these fail, N/a’an ku sê deploy a Rapid Response Unit to actively mitigate the conflict by either removing problem animals or collaring and releasing these animals with the promise of providing GPS coordinates with that animal’s location.

Aside from individual cases of conflict, N/a’an ku sê work with farmers to create a dialogue surrounding the issue. Speaking at and attending farmers union meetings as well as introducing farmers to our ambassador cats help encourage a collaboration between farming and conservation and give good hope for a brighter future.