The Wild Pack

Wildlife Type Dogs, Wild Dogs
Site Naankuse wildlife sanctuary
Sex Uncertain
Year of Birth 2010
Date of Arrival

June 2010

Rudie and Marlice received a call in June 2010 from Namibia Nature Foundation’s Wild Dog, regarding a number of wild dog pups that had been discovered. 14 wild dog pups had been taken out of a den in the Mangetti strip of farmland in Namibia and were now in need of a home.

As there are only an estimated 250 Wild Dogs left in Namibia we knew how important it was to ensure their wellbeing, so Rudie and Marlice flew up the following morning to rescue the pups as they were in danger of human persecution.

Wild dogs are Namibia’s most endangered carnivore species and continue to be widely persecuted.
The pups were just a few weeks old when they arrived and were cared for very carefully to reduce the risk of disease transmission and to ensure they grew into strong and healthy Wild Dogs. Sadly one of the pups passed away, but the remaining 13 grew into an incredible pack. Lilah, Purdy, Lilly, Alice, Utopia, Boris, Robert, Rudie, Nesha, Wiko, Mogwai, Cali, Magic and Kevala are a force to be reckoned with!