Wildlife Type Baboon, Chacma Baboon
Site Naankuse wildlife sanctuary
Sex Male
Year of Birth 2015
Date of Arrival

Oct 2015

October 2015 saw Marlice van Vuuren receive a call from a farmer who had just shot a baboon. As so often is the tragic case, a baby was found clinging to his mother’s lifeless body. N/a’an ku sê wildlife staff rushed to Windhoek, wasting not a moment in dashing the little darling back to the sanctuary, where dedicated care was lavished on the little bundle right away. The trauma baboon babies face when losing their mums was heartbreakingly evident on our tiny boy’s face… a wretched reminder of how excruciatingly traumatic the boom of a bullet can be!

At first Paultjie’s cries for his mum, filled with despair, echoed through the sanctuary, before gradually being replaced with baboon giggles and cheekiness. Now a bouncing baby boy, Paultjie particularly loves kisses, latching his lips onto yours at every opportunity. He truly is our little ladies’ man!