Lady & Liska

Wildlife Type Dogs, Wild Dogs
Site Naankuse wildlife sanctuary
Sex Male
Year of Birth
Date of Arrival

Born in 2003, Liska is one of our more senior boys. His brother sadly succumbed to a snake bite in 2012, which meant that after 9 years of sibling companionship, Liska was suddenly alone. This heartbreaking situation happily changed this year, with Liska being joined by his new soul-mate, Lady. The two make a striking pair and it really is a match made in heaven.

In June 2014 a female wild dog pup, estimated to be just three months old, was welcomed to N/a’an ku sê with open arms. Suffering from canine distemper, little Lady endured quarantine for three months while receiving vital treatment. Our feisty little female recovered remarkably well, and was moved to her own enclosure in preparation for a proper induction into wild dog life. And in the first week of January 2015, the moment arrived… Lady was introduced to Liska, our lone wild dog.

It was love at first sight when our two lone painted wolves met for the first time, and seeing the incredible bond between the two is truly soul touching.