Wildlife Type Cheetah
Site Naankuse wildlife sanctuary
Sex Female
Year of Birth 2015
Date of Arrival

June 2015

Hello Kitty! Today, human-wildlife conflict not only manifests itself in the form of livestock raiding carnivores and retaliatory killings, but also in the form of increased human activity encroaching on wildlife. Sadly, this was the case with a cheetah cub whose mother was hit and killed by a car. Estimated to be just 4 – 5 months old when her mother was killed, the cub was rescued and brought to N/a’an ku sê. Timid and fearful, newly dubbed “Kitty” was in luck! She quickly found comfort and company with new playmate cheetah cubs Shiloh, Odyssey and Wonder.
Kitty spends her days in the large and spacious enclosure with the others, enjoying cheetah antics. Still timid and that little bit wary, Kitty is taking cues from her hand-raised surrogate siblings and becoming more and more relaxed by the day.