Wildlife Type Caracal
Site Naankuse wildlife sanctuary
Sex Male
Year of Birth


Date of Arrival

Julu 2015

A quivering golden bundle, huge eyes blinking shyly and black tufted ears alert to every sound, tragically alone with his mum having been killed, snuck his way into our N/a’an ku sê hearts in the blink of a cat’s eye in July 2015.

And cosmic forces were certainly at play with the arrival of our little one. On the eve before his arrival two astronomical objects were destined to meet: The planets Venus and Jupiter… coming so close together they formed a dramatic “double star” in the night of 30 June 2015, and we just couldn’t resist calling our beautiful baby boy Jupiter.

Jupiter improved by leaps and bounds… quite literally… bouncing and jumping for his favourite plaything… a feather on a stick, and his voracious appetite saw this little kitten far too quickly develop into a sleek and agile caracal, rippling with the muscles inherent to these exquisite cats.

We do not receive any government funding and are solely reliant on generous donations to continue caring for the many orphaned, injured and conflict animals that call N/a’an ku sê home. We simply could not do what we do without our supporters and donors.

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