Lucky enough to have met and married Marlice, Rudie fully embraced the world of conservation.

He firmly believes that a vital part of this is to study the behaviours of wild animals. Through this research, N/a’an ku sê has been successful in addressing the important challenge of human – wildlife conflict.

Not only adding to the scope of conservation in Namibia, Rudie is also a medical doctor, having played a key role in the founding of N/a’an ku sê’s Lifeline Clinic – a clinic in rural eastern Namibia that provides vital free health care to the impoverished San communities.

When he is not immersing himself in human and animal aid, Rudie has proven himself to be a dab hand at animal wrangling – and crew wrangling for that matter. His sets are run with precision, and his keen eye for all things environmental ensures that our locations are left as pristine as we found them.