Warthog (Phacochoerus africanus)

Conservation Status

Least Concern (LC)

Physical Description

Grey with sparse, dark,bristle-like hair extending from between ears to base of tail; hair can be erected under stress. Snout typically pig-like. Teeth develop into long curved tusks. Thin tail is held erected when Warthogs run
Weight 54.4 - 113 kg
Size Height at shoulder, 76 cm
Lifespan (wild) 7 - 18 years
Lifespan (captivity) 20 years


Live in family groups called soundings; a sounders consists of females and their young. Males disperse after 2 years and become solitary. Males might compete aggressively for females during the mating season.

Social and Reproduction

Males are mostly solitary; females lives in groups – Often the daughter will help the mother to raise the next set of piglets.

Mating System Promiscuity
Breeding interval breed only once a year
Breeding season breed under seasonal climatic conditions associated with rainfall. Females become fertile 4-5 months after the rainy season.
Gestation 170 - 175 days
Number of offspring +-3

Habitat and Food


Open country but also lightly wooded areas; savannah and some vegetated arid areas.


Short grasses and grass roots; when grazing usually kneel; browse occasionally and rarely feed on animal matter; at times will dig for roots and bulbs


lions, leopards, cheetah

Conservation Challenges

Can be considered as ‘crop pests’; can at times carry domestic animal diseases

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