Southern African Hedgehog (Atelerix frontalis)

Conservation Status

Least Concern (LC)

Physical Description

Small in size; covered in short spines, except belly, face and ears which are covered in fine fur. The most distinguishing feature is the white band across it’s forehead which can extend back over the shoulders.
Weight 150-555 g
Size 15-20 cm
Lifespan (wild) 3 years
Lifespan (captivity) 6-7 years


Social and Reproduction

Generally solitary and mostly nocturnal species though can be seen foraging in pairs or mother with young.

Mating System Monogamy
Breeding interval These animals can breed once to several times a year.
Breeding season August-February
Gestation 30-40 days
Number of offspring 1-10 (though 4-5 is more typical)

Habitat and Food


Found in wide variety of habitats; including grasslands, savannas, scrub and suburban gardens. They rarely occur in deserts or in very wet areas.


Primarily insectivores feeding on a wide variety of foods such as beetles, termites, grasshoppers, moths, worms, centipedes and millipedes.


Many carnivores and birds of prey can kill and eat hedgehogs. Domestic dogs will also kill them.

Conservation Challenges


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