Banded mongoose (Mungos mungo)

Conservation Status

Least Concern (LC)

Physical Description

Long slender animal with short legs and fox-like face. They have a series of black bands across the back to the base of the tail. Base fur between the bands is usually a lighter grey, but can vary between white and reddish-brown. The front feet have five digits, whereas the back feet only have four; all toes possess claws.
Weight 1.0-1.6 kg
Size 50-65cm total length
Lifespan (wild) Unknown
Lifespan (captivity) 11-12 years


Diurnal and gregarious species, living in ‘packs’ of 10-20 individuals. They will stay in the pack, but will usually scavenge food individually. Less capable members of the pack are well looked after and cared for by the other members. They will move nomadically across an area and will only occupy a den site for a short period of time, depending of food availability.

Social and Reproduction

The social structure of a banded mongoose pack is believed to be matriarchal. All members within the pack are cared for and looked after; especially the young and older members of the pack.

Mating System Polygamy (Polgyny)
Breeding interval Unknown
Breeding season Unknown
Gestation 60 days
Number of offspring 2-8 offspring born at about 20g.

Habitat and Food


Banded mongoose have a broad habitat tolerance, from grasslands, woodlands and rocky areas to riverine areas. They are, however, absent from desert and semi-desert areas.


Mainly insectivores; but diets range from wild fruits, lizards, snakes, small mammals and birds and bird eggs.


Jackals, caracals, larger birds of prey, domestic animals and humans.

Conservation Challenges

They often fall victim to house pets and vehicle traffic. It is believed that they are a carrier of rabies and will occasionally raid small livestock such as poultry.

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